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Learn About The Psychology of Religion

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Did you know that almost 30,000 psychological studies have been published on various aspects of religion in the past two decades? Many people are surprised to learn that there is so much academic interest in this subject area. Research on the psychology of religion has examined questions such as:

  • Can religious beliefs/practices be a source of coping in times of stress?
  • Is weekly attendance of religious services linked to levels of anxiety and depression?
  • What are the factors that lead people to become more or less religious in their lives?
  • Do religious individuals have better or worse outcomes in psychological treatment than non-religious individuals?
  • Can spirituality and religiousness be integrated into clinical practice for the treatment of psychological problems?

If you are interested in learning more about these and other issues, click on the links to the left side of this page for some helpful resources. If you know of a source that should be added to this growing list, please contact JPSYCH.

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