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About David Hillel Rosmarin

pdfDavid Hillel Rosmarin CV

David H. Rosmarin, Ph.D. - Founder & Director

David H. Rosmarin, Ph.D. is an Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Assistant Psychologist at McLean Hospita, and Director of the Center for Anxiety in Manhattan ( Dr. Rosmarin received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Bowling Green State University (mentor: Kenneth I. Pargament, PhD). His program of research examines the relevance of spiritual & religious issues to psychopathology and its treatment. Dr. Rosmarin has written 30 peer-reviewed publications, delivered over 50 national/international scientific presentations, and served as editor for three special issues of psychology/medical journals on this subject matter. Dr. Rosmarin has received numerous awards for his research, and in the past year his work has received media attention from ABC, NPR, US News and World Report, the Boston Globe, and the India Times.

pdfSteven Pirutinsky CV

Tzvi Pirutinsky - Assistant Director

Tzvi Pirutinsky is Assistant Director of the JPSYCH Laboratory and a doctoral student of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University. Tzvi has successfully developed, implemented and published findings from numerous research protocols within the Jewish community, with a focus on Orthodox Jews in particular. His program of study broadly addresses the relationship between religion, well-being, attitudes towards mental illness and treatment, and community mental health, and he has published 17 peer-reviewed publications on these topics. Tzvi’s expertise includes research design, data management and coding, and the use of statistical and other software to facilitate basic and complex statistical analyses.


Devora Shabtai - Research Assistant




JPSYCH's program of research has benefited tremendously from the mentorship of Dr. Kenneth I. Pargament. JPSYCH is also grateful to Dr. Adam B. Cohen for his ongoing consultation and advice. JPSYCH would also like to thank Rabbi Leib Kelemen for his encouragement, insight and support.




JPSYCH has been extremely privileged to collaborate with the following individuals on various projects (in alphabetical order):

Gerhard Andersson (Uppsala University)
Randy Auerbach (McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School)
Throstur Bjorgvinsson (McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School)
Lee Caplan (Morehouse School of Medicine)
Robert Feldman (University of Maryland)
Kevin Flannelly (Healthcare Chaplaincy)
Cheryl Holt (University of Maryland)
Elizabeth Krumrei (Pepperdine University)
Annette Mahoney (Bowling Green State University)
Jedidiah Siev (Nova Southeastern University)


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